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Biotopic® Natural Hair Regrowth System

  • Get back thicker feeling hair with our 3-step 100% drug free system with clinically proven ingredients.
  • Including Caffeine Shampoo. Keratin Conditioner and Follicle Plus 27™. A great solution for those starting to notice thinning and hair loss
  • Order online with fast delivery in Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Jamie M

Product seems good, doesn’t leave hair greasy like Rogain. But to early to tell if it is working

Very surprised by early results

Im in my mid 30s & had a weird case in my late 20s that cause my hair to start falling rapidly , once that issue got resolved my hair started to grow again . But! With 3 severe bald spots in the oddest of places . Long story short! Ive tried various types of shampoos & conditioners & they helped some but didn't noticed any regrowth , only thickening . Saw this all natural approach & decided to give it a go with a mix of vitamins i already take daily . My surprise? It actually freaking worked lol two of the major spots are regrowing hair quick & the third is progressing way better.... i haven't even gone through one bottle yet! Im super glad i took the all natural approach....ive been using it twice a day ( morning with dry scalp ) & ( afternoon after shower damp hair ) + i take vitamins that also help greatly.....im gana keep using the sprays until im finished & see final results....so far so good & im happy with results... 9/10 rating for me...

Great review! Thank you.
Works but takes awhile to get here

First order arrived in 3 wks. Was upset with shipping but it did grow hair and smells good .i see my hairs growing where my old hair line used to be here and their not full but hope it will fill in and in other areas.ordered again then confermation email says 3 to 6 days for process.was not happy with that cause when i placed the order it said 5 to 7 days for delivery.shipping should be free will order on ebay if i do not get this order at reasonable time.

Thank you for your review. Sorry, your order had to be reshipped. Happy you are seeing results!
Works, but use every day!

I just followed the instruction and used nothing else except for I trying to keep my life more stress free. The product is very good. I mean it has all the hair growth ingredients you would want in a natural-based product. It is brilliant that it is all in one bottle. so my hair was thinning for years. tried a few products . most were sticky or just weird to use. Finally found this on google. Used it now for about 3+ months and my hair on my crown area is looking great. no balding spot showing any more! i still have a bit of a receding hair line. but I know that takes time. might try the regrow serum if I need to, but its more expensive. Note: your not going to have any weird smell when using this and it doesn't stain your pillow yellow like some of the other stuff out there. If your serious, try at least a 3 pack because i don't think 1 bottle is enough to give it a real chance. I post photos... 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 weeks... more to come...... *

Great review. Thank you
thanks, Very good

I ordered the system of 4 products. They are all very high quality. (not cheap ingredients) i shampoo and condition which right away makes my hair feel thicker and then use this follicle plus 27 which is my favorite part. the Serum is good too. I apply it to my temple area where hair had been receding. I hated rogaine. hated it so much. hair stunk and I shedded everywhere. . this stuff is clean and gave me some major improvements over the summer and even growing my hair out longer now. in my opinion this is worth it's weight in gold.

Thank you for your review. Yes. this uses very pure ingredients.