100% Drug-Free. Clinically Proven Ingredients. Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair.


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Biotopic® Receding Hairline Repair Serum (1 oz)

Grow thicker, fuller looking hair with clinically proven ingredients to help combat bald spots and receding hairlines. 100% drug-free formula with no side-effects.


    Combat receding hairline and bald spots with our acclaimed regrowth serum for men.  This serum is formulated to help tackle more difficult areas of hair loss.

    Use the precise pump applicator to directly apply serum onto fingers and apply to problematic areas on along hairline and/or scalp

    Customer Reviews

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    Not toxic to your scalp.

    I have noticed my hair thinning a bit over the years so I thought I would give this a try. I don't really have any bald spots to watch for re-growth but will be looking for new hair growth in the area where I part my hair. This product is not toxic like so many of the hair growth products on the market such as minoxidil or finerstrade. It has no artificial colorants, fragrances, petrochemicals preservatives and irritants so I felt it would be safe to try. It is also not tested on animals. It comes in a pump top so it is easy to apply and is not greasy so you can apply and go out. You simply spray a bit on and work into your hair a couple times a day. So far so good for me as it is easy to use and is not harmful. Too soon to check for new growth but I will be watching for that.*

    It seems to be good quality stuff.

    Got some bald spots happening. Figured I would give this a shot. It seems to be good quality stuff. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.*

    I like to use products like this to help my hair grow faster and healthier.

    This is a very nice product that is easy to use and add into your daily routine. I bought this item because I am always looking for items to help me improve my hair's health and growth. I do not have an issue with having thin or thinning hair, but do like to use products like this to help my hair grow faster and healthier. It is too early for me to know if my hair is growing faster, but I do feel like my hair has a better shine and overall look to. The packaging of this product is very nice as the bottle is a smoky glass and the top is a plastic pump, which makes this product easy to use and control. There is no scent, which is nice if you are going to use this product after you shower as your hair won't pick up any additional scents or anything. Nutrigrowth is def a product worth trying for those who are looking to ensure their hair has the vitamins it needs to grow healthy.*

    I will update the review once she has gotten back to me.

    This is a preliminary review which will have to be updated but I am going to comment on the packaging and the reason why I purchased the item, and my first impressions to help buyers in the mean time.
    My Mother's hair has been thinning and she doesn't know why. She has been to the doctor and they haven't found a definitive cause. She takes hair skin and nails vitamins, but I thought maybe a topical approach might help as well. This product contains caffiene, which is known to stimulate the scalp to improve circulation, and more circulation means more vitamins getting to the hair shaft. It also has saw palmetto which is supposed to help reduce DHT, a hormone responsible for female pattern baldness and baldness in men. It says on the package it was made in the USA. It arrived to me unbroken, wrapped in bubble wrap and in a nice little spray bottle container made of glass or thick plastic. I gave it to my Mom and I am waiting for her to tell me if she notices a difference. I will update the review once she has gotten back to me.*

    Light scent, Not greasy, great ingredients

    Just like any other hair growth product, it does take some time to see visible results. I can tell you that this has some amazing ingredients that are good for your hair and skin. This Nutrigrowth comes in a nice frosted glass bottle that has a serum like pump on top. When applying it, you don't spray, you pump it onto the skin that needs to be treated. So if there is an area, just part your hair and apply it to that skin and rub it into the skin for about 15 seconds.*

    What I did notice that I wanted to mention, is that this serum is thinner than I thought it would be so just be careful when you apply it so it doesn't drip everywhere. The scent is a light scent that isn't an offensive smell at all which some hair products can be pretty bad. I applied it at night as I wasn't sure if the serum was going to be greasy. It was not greasy however, I would still probably apply it at night especially if you are applying a lot in many areas. You will want to wash your hair in the morning.
    I am looking forward to some amazing results and will keep using it.