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Jamie M

Product seems good, doesn’t leave hair greasy like Rogain. But to early to tell if it is working

work a little bit, might need more time to see

Received the replacement package without the repair serum

My first order got frozen and resulted to spilled products inside the box. Gladly Biotopic replaced my order but the repair serum was missing. I have the shampoo and conditioner and the follicle plus, but not the repair serum so I ended up ordering the repair serum again which cost me more money. Hopefully Biotopic will send me a replacement bottle of the serum that was missing as this is not funny at all.

We are sorry your order froze! Yes we will refund your purchase for the second order. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Receding Hairline and Bald Spot Repair Serum (1 oz)

Biotopic® Natural Hair Growth Treatment For Men (2oz)

Hopefully works !!!!

i like the product so far . Let’s see if it shows the results as promised.

Thank you!

Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Receding Hairline and Bald Spot Repair Serum (1 oz)

Haair good

It works fine

Great beard growth

It seems to help it a lot and the grow better

Haven’t seen much change

Product is easy to use and spreads easily into beard. This is the first bottle I have used. I already have a thick beard so it has been difficult to see much change, if any at all. I may need to buy another bottle to give the product a fair chance. I decided to use on my chest hair too to test it out there and see if the product works. I already have a hairy chest, although there seems a little more hair, not sure if it is an illusion! Will buy again and review.


Nice product, hair looks and feels great. I think i'll try the shampoo next order.

Thank you! Shampoo smells amazing and is the best Caffeine shampoo on the market.

Been using it for a month. Starting to see regrowth. Happy it’s non-toxic too. Definitely buying more. Will try the system next.

Thank you! Yes - 27 natural ingredients that are great for getting thicker looking hair.
Great product

Really impressed

Not sure

It's a bit early to say I've seen any change

Very effective

Seems to be helping. Will try the shampoo/conditioner soon

Great service

Just keep it up because on the 16th of September I cancelled my order because you had a problem with customs but you redeemed the situation when I reordered fast delivery just keep it up thank you.

Hairloss above sideburns is growing back within 2weeks above side

Last two years I noticed my scalp hair is thinning and also above my side burns which was quite noticeable. After reading a lot about DHT and hair follicle going in resting phase (Telogen), I thought this serum had the best ingredients to battle it out with Saw Palmetto to inhibit the dht and anagain to re activate hair folicles and also caffeine to stimulate hair growth. After two weeks of use I have to say I noticed above my side burns more fuller something is definitely working.

Excellent Product

Wow . I got my hair Back

Works a little

My husband has used the hair treatment and hair line treatment since January. The beard growth seems to have improved, but the hairline product broke him out and there’s little to no difference with the hair. I’m not sure how long it should take however it’s not getting worse

Thank you for your review. Good to see some improvements. Results do vary for person to person and product can take some time to get even better results.

Great product been using Biolopic for over 2 month my hair looks great and healthy.....Highly recommend this prduct.

Thank you for your review! This is our best selling product.