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I love Biotopic

It help my beard grow were bald spots was not able to grow my full complete beard so thank you Biotopic it helps your bears grow it will give you results...

Good stuff

My brother loves this product

Biotopic beard oil

Brought it for my nephew- he seems to like it

Thicker beard

Works great

Biotopic Thickjer beard Growth Serum

Awesome results, just working on a small bare spot that is taking way longer than the other side, love this product, well worth the chance i took with it.

Biotopic® Healthy Beard Growth Serum (1oz)

Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Good product but bad packaging!

I live in the UK and I purchased the Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Receding Hairline and Bald Spot Repair Serum (1 oz) from the Europe store about a month ago. Delivery was quick but the first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that quite a lot of the serum had leaked out from the bottle because the screwtop of the spray applicator wasn't screwed on tight enough resulting in only having less than a third of the serum left in the bottle.
I used the product as directed, concentrating on thinning areas of my hairline and crown for about 3 weeks. (I also take Biotin, Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed Oil supplements and wash my hair with 'Watermans' Hair growth shampoo and conditioner to help combat hairloss caused by male pattern baldness. These products help block DHT which causes the hair loss) Since adding the serum to this regimen I have seen more new hair growth on my hairline and the hairs are getting noticeably thicker and fuller!
I am pleased with the results so far and wish to continue using this product but I am concerned about the packaging issue as I had less than a months supply because of the leakage. If the guys from Biotopic read this, please sort this out as I am planning to buy more but only if I receive all of the product, not just some of it! I would have given 5 stars but only 4 because of this. (PS, would it be possible to be reimbursed with some of the lost product?) Thanks.

Really works!

I was able to grow hair between my beard and sideburns for the first time in my life!

Softer, but unclear on growth results so far

So far I haven’t noticed any big changes as far as growth, & I’m almost done with my first bottle. I like it, but wondering if it’s worth buying another one

It works!

You just have to patient though.

Jamie M

Product seems good, doesn’t leave hair greasy like Rogain. But to early to tell if it is working

Just great!!

So far so good on using the product but still early days. Delivery was very quick

Been using for 2 months now and have seen good results. Would recommend.

Things Are Getting A Bit Hairy

Before I discovered this product, my beard was wispy and patchy with too much naked face where there should have been hair. But after my first use, I went from an A-patchy worrier to Hairy TrueMan. I'm on my fourth order.

Not evident so far

The bottle is easy to hold and the gel goes on with no stickiness or clogging. I have been using this for two weeks and as of yet have seen no significant growth or stimulation of new hair. While I have thicker hair, this is mostly due to the natural growth of hair and seems the same as when I previously grew a beard, but will persevere with the treatment at least to the completion of the first course as it is probably still too early to accurately state if it has had any impact on my facial hair and assistance in stimulating new growth in areas that are currently hairless.

work a little bit, might need more time to see

Received the replacement package without the repair serum

My first order got frozen and resulted to spilled products inside the box. Gladly Biotopic replaced my order but the repair serum was missing. I have the shampoo and conditioner and the follicle plus, but not the repair serum so I ended up ordering the repair serum again which cost me more money. Hopefully Biotopic will send me a replacement bottle of the serum that was missing as this is not funny at all.

We are sorry your order froze! Yes we will refund your purchase for the second order. So sorry for the inconvenience.
Hopefull for the next 2 Months

I’ve been using Biotopic for a month now (bought 3 month supply) and I’m hoping to get significant results in the next two months. I have a full, semi thick beard. I Just have one Small area I haven’t been able to grow hair like the rest of my face (below my lower lip right hand side) this is the main reason for buying the product, I want my beard to look even and full. Hope for some good results in the next 2 months. So far the application and feel of the product is great!!

Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Receding Hairline and Bald Spot Repair Serum (1 oz)

Biotopic® Natural Hair Growth Treatment For Men (2oz)

Hopefully works !!!!

i like the product so far . Let’s see if it shows the results as promised.

Thank you!

Biotopic® Regrow Plus™ - Receding Hairline and Bald Spot Repair Serum (1 oz)