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About us

A Promise of Real Results.

Our mission is to help you keep thicker and healthier hair naturally.

Biotopic® was founded on the concept of creating high performance natural hair growth products for men and women with thinning hair, bald spots or receding hair lines. 


Midy Naturals™ is founded by Olivier Midy. The Midy name is synonymous with science and innovation and built the foundation for today's modern pharmaceutical industry through the launch of Laboratoires Midy in Europe starting since 1718. Leveraging his family's heritage of over 300 years experience in science & technology, and their understanding of biological actives, Olivier launched Midy Naturals along with Biotopic®, a clean hair care line using natural ingredients which are clinically proven to help combat hair loss and promote regrowth. This is a niche but actively growing category as consumers are now more savvy about the harmful affects of Minoxidil and Finasteride for combating hair loss. Biotopic® prides itself on being Cruelty Free, SLS, SLES, and Paraben Free, and providing a safe and non-toxic alternative in the marketplace.



Biotopic® starts with the most recognized vitamins and nutrients in the industry for combating hair loss and use advance research to optimize their hair growth potential in our highly concentrated hair loss formulas. Best of all, all ingredients are either organic or naturally derived actives. Our liposome technology helps hair growth ingredients absorb deep into the scalp where you need it most, at the roots.

Through dedicated research we have developed products that we proudly stand behind being the best natural solutions to help you regrow, repair and thicken hair.